Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We understand that a truly diverse, inclusive workplace has a positive impact on every aspect of our business and the world we live in. We are actively striving to make our teams as diverse as the locations and communities we work within across the globe.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are a critical strategic initiative within our organisation and a key focus for our regional teams and our senior management team. We are on a scale-up journey and subsequently have a unique opportunity to build a global business with D&I at the core of our operating model.

Not only is diversity the morally correct approach, D&I is good for business: “Organisations with strong gender and ethnic diversity are 15% and 35% respectively more likely to outperform their competitors.” (McKinsey).

We have created the Soben Positive for Diversity and Inclusion Charter which sets out our commitment to promoting D&I in the following ways:

Ensure best practice in our recruitment, retention and career progression practices as an inclusive employer
Support the development of good diversity practice by collecting and sharing examples of practical activities that occur within our organisation
Annually publish the diversity profile of our employees and details of our work on equality, diversity and inclusion
Appointing a D&I officer who will sit on Board meeting once a quarter and drive inclusive change within the organisation
“Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is something that has been under the spotlight in recent years, and when we look at statistics it becomes very easy to be pessimistic
“As a society we still have a long way to go however, we do sometimes also need to recognise that a lot of businesses are working hard to overcome those statistics and drive change.

“We are starting to have those difficult conversations and that is the first step to a better future.” Sabrina Mohamed, Director of Global Talent Acquisition.

We regularly promote D&I through our website blogs and social media channels. For example, age is often overlooked, and we recently highlighted on LinkedIn, Sandy Milroy, a 71 year-old Chartered QS who is still working within our business.

Sandy has embraced technology and relishes imparting his knowledge and experience on young people. As a result, Sandy has improved mental health and clarity of purpose and our wider team have benefitted from his wisdom.