Doing the
Right Thing

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Shaping Our Future

The built environment is fundamental to our lives and the lives of future generations. It is a privilege to be involved in shaping our future built environment, and with that privilege comes the responsibility of doing the right thing.

Doing the Right Thing

Open Mindset

To help our customers deliver projects more efficiently, using fewer resources and with lower carbon footprints, we must be prepared to do things differently. That requires an open mindset and an open approach to the way we share information and do business. Without trust, change is difficult.


As Soben grows, we are striving to create a supportive and dynamic environment that challenges people and allows them to contribute fully and to air new ideas and beliefs.

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We believe that collaboration – being able to have honest conversations, to challenge others and to receive criticism – is crucial to problem solving and to progress. To do that, people need to feel they can be themselves, in how they communicate and in how they conduct themselves professionally.

Feeling Good

We want to finish each working day feeling good about ourselves and about the work that we are doing. This informs our choices in bidding for projects, selecting partners to work with and recruiting new employees.

A global presence

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