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Data Dependent

Data plays an integral part in our daily lives and our entire lives now depend on services that are powered by data, and we require them to be fast, reliable, and secure. It is no surprise that the volume of data created and consumed every day continues to increase at a rapid rate, and for data centre operators and developers, all eyes must be on their future plans to meet this growing demand. 

Data Centres & Mission Critical

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This demand, speeded up by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to an increased requirement for digital infrastructure, and confirms that data centres and mission critical projects are one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. Soben is emerging as an industry leader in data centre construction and data centre management, we recognize the needs of our clients and have built our business to respond to those needs.

Rapid Scalability

As the construction industry slowly responds to the increased needs of modular & prefabricated construction, Soben is working with data centre clients around the world to help “productize” their data centre components so they can scale faster and respond quicker to the ever-changing requirements. 

Talent Acquisition

We have been bold in our recruitment of data centre experts from around the world. We continue to proactively search the market for the best talent and pre-emptively hire world-class talent so we can service our clients.

Demand Forecasting
& Fluctuation

Where and when our clients need data center capacity is constantly changing, Soben is a remote first company which means our staff can be where you need them to be.

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Efficiency is profit in the data centre world, but increasingly we’re seeing data centres look at people and the planet. We see these as a huge overlap in the data centre market and we’re helping our clients analyse their omissions and build a greener data centre product.

Back to Basics

Cost, Schedule & Quality all come under extreme scrutiny in the data center world, we believe in simple approaches focused on saving time & money whilst not compromising on quality.


The Soben SystemTM  help clients create a clear set of performance metrics, we align our contracts and our employee incentives to these same metrics. This means we can be confident that we deliver what our clients want.  


The world needs big solutions to meet the global demand for data, and with a structured presence across the world, we are ideally placed to successfully collaborate with you. We look forward to helping you meet your current and future sustainable development targets and commitments by supporting your efforts to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. 

Global Data Centres & Mission Control Contacts


Peter Alexander 
Associate Director – Data Centres 
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Robert Kim 
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Jose Castro 
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Andrew Murie

Data Centres & Mission Critical