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Increased Pressure

The modern healthcare setting is rapidly evolving, with a firm focus on patient-centric care across all specialisms, from acute and geriatric care to mental-health awareness and prevention. Our growing populations are placing increasing pressure on healthcare construction provision and many governments and other healthcare providers are now working to address these issues.


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Changing Requirements

COVID-19 also highlighted the necessary requirement for more modern, efficient, and digitised facilities that can manage the rapidly changing healthcare needs and challenges that the world faces today. The global pandemic quickly provided realisation that the healthcare sector was massively unprepared for such a world tragedy and lessons have been learned albeit the hard way.


The healthcare sector differs considerably from one country to another and the way it is funded by private of public money. Soben can work with such bodies to support the modernisation of current facilities that are not fit for purpose, as well as provide advice on the design, procurement, and construction of state-of-the-art smart healthcare facilities throughout the world.

Extensive Experience

We fully understand the fast-moving nature of healthcare construction and the challenges that procurement, leadership, and staff shortages presents on a daily basis. Our team of specialists have both the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver projects and find commercially driven solutions for clients who might find themselves with limited budgets and resources that are seeking best value.

Global Healthcare Contacts


Robert McQueen
Project Director – Buildings & Places 
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Mark Smith
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Jose Castro 
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Kevin Carr
Managing Director – Australia
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