Whether we’re programme managing an urban hospital campus or providing cost estimates for a rural community clinic, our experienced healthcare team bring an unwavering commitment to quality, detail, and continuous improvement.

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UK & Europe
UK & Europe
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Resilient client-focused healthcare solutions

As the world’s population expands, innovative patient-centred solutions and reliable healthcare systems are vital. The global pandemic shone a light on the healthcare sector’s limitations, and lessons have been learned the hard way. Finding new and creative ways to minimise costs is essential in meeting the growing demand for modern, future-proofed, healthcare facilities worldwide.

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Our healthcare expertise

Healthcare projects leave zero room for error. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are committed to finding practical solutions to meet your requirements. We will assist you in navigating through complex regulations and offer expert guidance. Our portfolio includes healthcare projects worldwide, from hospitals and surgery centres to community clinics, and medical offices. You can rely on us to effectively oversee your healthcare construction projects.

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Where knowledge meets trust

Digital transformation

The sector is evolving at pace as healthcare providers start to adopt technological advances within their complex care environments. Hospital buildings are becoming home to high-tech elements, from AI-based technology for detecting and diagnosing medical conditions to smart and automated building services. With significant healthcare building programmes already underway, the challenge is that these advances must be assimilated fast. Soben can assist you in unlocking value and implementing efficient cost and project management strategies.

Environmental challenges

Healthcare facilities are heavy users of energy, with demands for heating and cooling, lighting and the operation of specialist equipment, with healthcare buildings accounting for 8.5% of carbon emissions in the US and 4% in the UK. The pressure is on for the sector to embrace energy transition and other initiatives that reduce emissions. Soben offers proactive solutions to assist you in achieving your environmental objectives.

Economic uncertainty

Ongoing global conflicts and the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in economic uncertainty. Funding and investment fluctuations have affected resource allocation, infrastructure development, and patient access to healthcare. This uncertainty has made long-term planning challenging and has strained healthcare budgets. Cost-effective and sustainable solutions are needed in healthcare to address this challenge.

Where passion meets precision

We fully understand the fast-moving nature of healthcare construction and the daily challenges of procurement, leadership, and staff shortages. Our team of specialists are seasoned in the dynamic landscape of healthcare construction and bring the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver cost-efficient solutions that provide the best value for our clients.

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