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Growing Populations

With populations in cities across the globe increasing year on year, so too does the demand for housing and the available land to build new developments. High rise residential projects offer effective solutions to housing shortages in areas where space on the ground is inaccessible or comes at a premium.

High Rise Residential

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Adding Value

In addition to meeting the ever-increasing housing needs across the globe, these projects can also play a key role in city-wide regeneration by creating attractive, affordable housing that add value to local communities and the wider economy.

Direct Experience

High rise residential developments offer unique challenges and complex aspects that can arguably only be understood through direct experience. Our extensive knowledge and experience of this sector can be passed directly onto our clients to give them the confidence and conviction to see their project through to a successful completion.

Achieving Goals

Our insights and expert approach have saved our clients time, money, and energy in achieving their high-rise residential goals. We are committed to reaching the most successful outcome possible and have both the industry experience and knowledge to support your project from concept to completion no matter where you are in the world.

Global High Rise Residential Contacts


Robert McQueen
Project Director – Buildings & Places 
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Robert Kim
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Jose Castro 
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Andrew Murie
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