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When technology pushes your business forward, you need the right advice to ensure project success. Our proactive “can do” attitude permeates everything we do so you can deliver results quickly.

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UK & Europe
UK & Europe
Robert McQueen Operations Director - Consultancy, EMEA [email protected] +44 7915 249 652
Robert Kim Director – U.S. & Canada [email protected] +1 415 9364163
Kevin Carr Managing Director – Australia [email protected] +61 434 088 423

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Where ambition meets delivery

In this fast-moving industry, you need a trusted partner who can think innovatively and deliver results at pace. Soben are experts in complex projects and programmes where time and budget are non-negotiable. We believe that being pro-active allows us to drive for solutions rather than deal with problems. This attitude means we are known in the industry for getting the job done.

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Tailored solutions, delivered efficiently

Soben’s bespoke service helps improve your efficiency so you can dedicate more time to keeping your customers happy. We’ll work with you using The Soben SystemTM to build a solution designed for you. Our personalised solutions can boost your productivity, enabling you to allocate more resources and time to provide exceptional service, meet business goals, boost sales, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Where knowledge meets trust

Rapid technological evolution

Manufacturing technology is constantly advancing, necessitating regular equipment upgrades and employee training to maintain competitiveness. Our clients require flexibility, dedication and cost-effective solutions to help them remain competitive. We’re trusted by our clients to scale to meet their needs, supporting with time critical construction. Our focus on results is designed to save you time and money.

Supply chain disruptions
The industry’s heavy reliance on global supply chains makes it vulnerable to disruptions, such as natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts. We will help you assess supply chain vulnerabilities, design contingency plans, and implement risk mitigation strategies to ensure resilience during disruptions. We take a pro-active approach to risk mitigation. We believe that risk management shouldn’t be about identifying the problems, it should be about driving solutions.
Digital Transformation
Technological advances and advanced manufacturing processes means more data to store and manage. This surge in data and its processing means manufacturers must revisit their estate strategies to better understand where and how they want to store their data. Decisions must be made based on cybersecurity considerations, processing speed, and technical requirements. In this fast-moving environment, every extra efficiency counts. As specialists in both high tech and data centre construction, Soben can assist you in unlocking value and implementing efficient strategies to create cost, operational and schedule certainty.

A track record of excellence

Partnering with Soben provides you with the expertise and guidance necessary to efficiently expand your products, platforms, and business models. Our specialists consistently push themselves to develop innovative approaches to flexible and expedited planning, strategic decision-making, and cost-saving methods, ensuring timely and cost-effective project delivery.

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