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Rapid Growth

The high-tech manufacturing sector continues to grow, with demand for innovative products delivered within ever-reducing timescales increasing across the globe. Creating manufacturing facilities that comprise smart buildings with integrated technology enables manufacturers to get complex products to market efficiently. 

High Tech Manufacturing

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Achieving Goals

Today’s manufacturing companies are also required to successfully handle the supply chain to stay ahead of competition. Furthermore, the manufacturing sector is required to contend with the fast regulatory and technology transformations whilst catering for their customers. Manufacturing businesses are essentially on the lookout for eco-friendly innovations to help them achieve their business objectives.

Knowledge and Support

Working with Soben gives you the knowledge and support that is needed to scale new products, platforms, and business models swiftly. Our team of specialists continue to challenge themselves to find new and different ways of executing flexible and fast-tracked planning, strategy, and cost-reduction methods to make sure projects are delivered both on time and budget.

Tailored Solutions

Our tailored solutions help improve your efficiency so you can dedicate more time and resource to deliver an exceptional level of service to assist in achieving your company’s goals, achieve higher sales, and ultimately keep your customers happy.

Global High Tech Manufacturing Contacts


Robert McQueen
Project Director – Buildings & Places 
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Peter Kiernan 
Director – Technology 
[email protected] 


Jose Castro 
[email protected] 


Callum Agnew 
[email protected] 

High tech manufacturing