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From specialist supply chains that require careful procurement strategies to fast-moving environments where extra efficiency counts, Soben provides experienced cost advice and schedule certainty to this critical sector.

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UK & Europe
UK & Europe
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Where dedication meets detail

Post-pandemic, investment in pharmaceuticals and life sciences has never been more important. Soben supports the construction of cutting-edge spaces, encompassing laboratories, cleanrooms, manufacturing facilities and custom spaces.

Our experts deliver complex projects that combine the latest innovations with the exacting technical and regulatory requirements of fast-paced pharmaceutical operations.  

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Leaders in life sciences construction consultancy

Our team of specialists are seasoned in the dynamic landscape of pharmaceuticals construction. They bring the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver cost-efficient solutions that provide the best value for our clients.

We are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of developments in this fast-paced industry, finding new and creative ways to minimise costs and deliver at pace. 

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Where knowledge meets trust

Digital transformation

Following the Covid pandemic, the life sciences sector has picked up the pace on digital transformation. From clinical trials to digital therapeutics, pharma companies are unlocking new possibilities for the deployment of data every day.

The rapidly changing relationship between technology and the physical built environment brings additional complexity which will require changes across the whole supply chain. Soben is advising our clients on how to navigate specialist supply chains, unique procurement and commissioning strategies and achieving schedule certainty.  

Data processing and storage

More digital technology means more data to store and manage. This surge in data and its processing means that pharma companies are revisiting their estate strategies to better understand where and how they want to store their data.  For some, data storage is best kept in-house, other requirements may be better met with external data centre space.

Decisions must be made based on security considerations, processing speed, and technical requirements. In this fast-moving environment, every extra efficiency counts. As specialists in both pharma and data centre construction, Soben can assist you in unlocking value and implementing efficient strategies to create cost, operational and schedule certainty.

Sustainable growth

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and research facilities are heavy users of energy, with demands for heating and cooling, lighting and the operation of specialist equipment.

The pressure is on for the sector to embrace energy transition and other initiatives that reduce emissions. Soben offers proactive solutions to assist you in scaling sustainably and affordably.

Where passion meets precision

Projects in the life sciences sector can be complex, with a requirement to comply with exacting technical, regulatory, and health and safety requirements. Encompassing everything from research laboratories to manufacturing facilities, we have experience consulting on a wide range of state-of-the-art buildings.

Our emphasis is on and optimising cost and schedule outcomes to meet the unyielding demand for future-proofed pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facilities.

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