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Race to Reduce

As countries race to reduce their emissions in light of the climate crisis, the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy has never been more critical and economically viable with the Russia-Ukraine conflict further emphasising the need to move quickly.

Renewable Energy

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Rapid Growth

Renewable energy technologies that utilise our natural resources include solar, wind, hydroelectric, tidal, geothermal and biomass. The renewables sector continues to expand at a fast rate across the world, with renewables accounting for approximately 90% of new power capacity expansion globally both in 2021 and 2022.

Meeting Targets

For countries around the globe to meet their renewable energy targets, the construction of renewable energy facilities is set to increase significantly, alongside infrastructure to modernise the power system including power grids, electrical storage systems, and interconnectors to facilitate the sharing of resources across countries and continents.

Step-by-step Process

The effective delivery of a renewable energy project requires a step-by-step process. From analysing the market and performing a feasibility study to signing off the designs and managing the procurement and construction of the renewable energy technology that is being developed.

Specialist Advice

There are some renewable energy projects have the potential to cause harm to the environment and local communities if not managed correctly and this is something we will assess before being involved. Our knowledgeable renewables team can support each step of the process by providing specialist commercial advice to ensure the project is successfully delivered.

Global Renewable Energy Contacts


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Renewable Energy