In complex regulated industries, proactive risk management and close collaboration are critical for success. We put transparency at the heart of our approach to ensure the best value from your capital expenditure.

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UK & Europe
UK & Europe
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Managing complexity

We understand the complexity of major programmes of water utilities works. Managing the expectations of multiple stakeholders is crucial, from local authorities and government bodies to regulators, contractors, suppliers, and the wider community. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach to the utilities sector ensuring each solution represents best value for your capital expenditure.

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Where reliability meets quality

Our team of Quantity Surveyors and utility consultants have decades of industry experience, making us well-equipped to understand and address the challenges faced by authorities and infrastructure companies when delivering complex programmes in the utility sector and regulated industries. You can trust that you are receiving expert advice from a team that combines global knowledge with local expertise in your region.

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Where knowledge meets trust

Aging infrastructure

Aging infrastructure creates reliability issues, inefficiencies, and the need for rapid modernisation. It is important that upgrades, maintenance, and modernisation programmes are accurately costed and planned to provide value to all stakeholders. Soben provides cost-effective solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and longevity while minimising disruptions to operations and users. With constrained budgets often hindering utilities programmes, Soben helps optimise project costs through efficient planning, procurement strategies, and value engineering. We ensure funds are allocated judiciously so that projects remain financially viable.

Regulatory compliance

Evolving regulations and policies can be disruptive to the smooth running of utilities projects. Soben has the regulatory expertise to guide clients through compliance requirements, permitting processes, and incentives, helping navigate the changing landscape to ensure projects remain compliant, viable, and financially sound. We can assist with compliance strategies, facilitate regulatory approvals, and ensure adherence to environmental and safety standards to help to mitigate risks and avoid penalties.

Helping you transition to renewable energy

The utilities sector is facing a significant challenge in transitioning to renewable energy sources. To help with this transition we are available to assist in planning and executing the integration of clean energy sources into the grid. We will evaluate feasibility, design infrastructure, and optimise energy distribution to facilitate a smoother transition to sustainable energy and reduce your carbon emissions. We are here to help you achieve net zero carbon affordably and sustainably. We combine industry-leading carbon insights with experienced cost management to go beyond carbon accounting and provide practical carbon cost management advice.

Trusted utility consultants

Soben’s team of utility consultants has been instrumental in planning, procuring, and delivering major utility schemes around the globe, with over $5Bn of projects delivered to date. Our teams have worked with Water Utility companies including Sunwater and Gladstone Area Water Board in Australia and in the UK, Southern Water, Thames Water and Scottish Water.

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