Industry Must Commit to BIM to Avoid Losing Global Lead

24th August 2018

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When the UK Government first announced its BIM Level 2 target for 2016, it was clear that the goal was for the UK to become a global leader in BIM. Whilst it is undoubtable that the UK has made huge strides towards BIM becoming the new normal approach to building design, it is also apparent that for many, we are a long way from achieving this ‘global leader’ status.

Whilst the UK’s ‘top down’ approach to ensuring industry-wide adoption of BIM through introduction of this legislation has been recognised as a positive step, more than half of respondents to the most recent NBS survey believe the Government is failing to effectively enforce the 2016 mandate.

The survey also highlighted that whilst more than half describe themselves as confident in BIM, 90% said that its adoption would require further changes in workflow, practices, and procedures.

At present, it is not uncommon to see BIM being implemented at a late stage in design due to perceived cost implications. Often, clients select by price, rather than value, allowing time and cost restraints to hamper the effective use of BIM.

For BIM to have a truly transformational effect on the industry, it is clear that there is significant work to be done in order to educate clients on the time and cost benefits of properly implementing BIM. There must also be a renewed commitment across the industry to invest in proper training and development to tackle the issue of lack of skills and experience down the supply chain.

The Government must also address confusion around the issue of how to comply with its mandate, as well as complaints that many of its own departments are not themselves Level 2 ready.

Until we all fully commit to the adoption of BIM, the UK will remain in grasping distance of its goal of being seen as world leader. Whist we mustn’t fail to recognise what the UK has already achieve, those of us who are committed to the proper use of BIM in building design must continue to champion its uptake amongst colleagues and clients to take full advantage of this revolutionary opportunity.