Upturn in Data Centre Construction Required to Meet Future Demand

16th July 2020

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Whilst digital transformation has been a business priority in recent years, the pandemic and resulting lockdown has been a driving force in driving businesses to accelerate their transformation plans.

With the number of people working from home during the pandemic estimated at 60% of the working population, the demand for digital and cloud based systems has vastly increased.  And with many businesses expecting to continue with increased levels of remote working, this demand is likely to continue in the coming months and years.

Whilst cloud systems, extensive wifi, and 4G allow connectivity without physical connection, the reality is the internet is a ‘network of networks’, with physical connections required in order for data to be disseminated.

Data centres around the world provide a location for organisations to house their physical infrastructure.  The interconnection with other networks in these datacentres allows the efficient exchange of information that we all rely on.

With the increased demand for remote working, there is a need for increased investment into the construction of data centres globally to increase capacity and remove pressure from those data centres already in use in key locations around the world.   The Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee is one such organisation driving the need for internet infrastructure to ensure that the internet is able to continue to stimulate the global economy.

At Soben, we have extensive experience of supporting data centre contractors and developers across the UK and Europe.  We have delivered pre and post contract commercial support on multiple hyperscale data centre campus and have dedicated in house data centre delivery teams to support our clients for the expected future expansion across mainland Europe and beyond.

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