BIM – the Post-Build Benefits

8th May 2019

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It’s no secret that we at Soben are behind the adoption of BIM across the industry.

We know that implementing BIM in the earliest stages of planning can save time and resources throughout the construction process, and indeed we have worked on a number of high profile projects where the early adoption of BIM has allowed us to work quicker and smarter and add additional value to clients in the pre-tender phase.

But what about the benefits of BIM post-build?  A recent article in RICS Modus looked at the usefulness of BIM throughout a building’s lifecycle, creating what is known as a ‘digital twin’ when used in conjunction with other software.  This digital twin can help surveyors and facilities managers look after the assets they are responsible for, and even be used as a marketing tool for the end product.

It is clear that we are moving to a stage in the construction industry where the use of technology in all phases of construction is becoming the norm.  These additional benefits should act as yet another catalyst for the wider adoption of BIM in projects across the UK.