Data Centre Trends 2023

15th February 2023

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Discover the forces that will shape the global data centre market in 2023, and beyond.

If you thought the last two years were dynamic, hang onto your hat, because the winds of change are blowing hard in the data centre sector. There’s a perfect storm of net zero carbon targets, AI demands, resource and land constraints and public concern to deal with. Despite this, we can still expect growth in 2023 and into 2024. Researchers at Dell’Oro Group predict that hyperscale data centre capex will grow at 28% in 2023.

So, while new technologies and strategies are under discussion, Soben’s data centre specialists have been preparing their thoughts on what will shape the data centre market this year, and beyond.

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With all this change on the horizon, it is perhaps not surprising that some data centre providers were taking time out of the development race to reassess their strategies at the turn of the year. Engineering solutions, carbon and water considerations and financial models were all up for discussion as companies worked out who they are going to serve with what, and how they will do it.

Expect change on several levels. There will be a reshaping of the market as hyperscalers change their strategies, causing unrest in the market. The fittest will survive while others could fall prey to mergers and acquisitions. Power supply issues are driving changes in location and practice too.


Top Ten Data Centre Trends 2023
Soben’s Top Ten Data Centre Trends 2023


Many of the challenges facing data centre projects and programmes are the same ones facing the built environment sector generally, only for this sector they are intensified: new approaches to supply chains, how to sustainably switch to renewable energy, the fight to conserve water, reducing carbon footprints, labour and skills shortages and working with communities not against them.

The good news is that there is a strong will to change. We are already seeing significant progress by the leading players, as they invest in finding ways to deal with those multiple issues, with the very real possibility that some of the research and development work underway will have a far wider impact on construction and beyond.

The sector has already demonstrated its ability to flex and adapt through the multiple challenges of Covid, the war in Ukraine and changing trade deals. Now that flexibility can be exploited as it looks to adapt and thrive. One trend that continues is the dynamism of this sector.

Discover the trends that are shaping the global data centre market: 

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