David carries the ball for Soben Academy

9th November 2016

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STUDENT Quantity Surveyor David Lymburn is learning key skills of the profession thanks to the Soben Academy training programme.

Rugby-mad David, 20, who is in third year at Glasgow Caledonian University, has cut his teeth on some prestigious and challenging projects, courtesy of the Academy.

To date, he has assisted with the preparation of bills of quantities for two office developments in Edinburgh – one worth £40million and the other valued at £25million – and he has provided Bills of Quantities for the massive Royal Albert Dock project in London.

He is also providing commercial support to a claims consultant – working under a Soben senior consultant – on the production of contract-specific variations and measurements to support a contractor’s potential litigation case.

David, who was taken on by Soben in January, 2016, splits his time between studying for a BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying at Glasgow Caledonian University and working with Soben.

His commitment breaks down into 13 hours per week on campus and the remainder of the working week at Soben.

He said: “Working with Soben has been really great – it has broadened my experience and it has been beneficial carrying out real-world Quantitiy Surveying duties.”

When asked what his aspirations were and where he sees himself five years from now, David, who lives in Dalrymple, Ayrshire, added: “I want to get as close to the top as I possibly can.

“Five years from now, I will be graduated – and if I learn all I can from those seasoned professionals around me, then I will have fulfilled my potential.”

As regards his hobbies, David confesses to a love of rugby. He plays at senior level for Ayr Rugby Club Second XV. A knee injury is keeping him out of action at the moment but he is keeping himself fit with regular visit to his local gym.

Soben Managing Director Scott Smyth said: “I was lucky enough to receive fantastic training at a young age from excellent surveyors, including Neil Rattray, who is now our Head of Pre-Contract Quantity Surveying, and Paul Moultrie, the company Chairman.

“They gave up their time to help me. I was thrown in at the deep end and trusted to get on with it. This training and support really helped me in my career.

“David is working alongside our senior team and receiving focused training on the key skills of Quantity Surveying that are sometimes lacking in new graduates.

“Our investment in David and the Soben Academy is our opportunity to give something back to help the next generation of professionals to be the best they can be.”

Andrew Gallacher, Head of Post-Contract Surveying, said: “This is an invaluable opportunity for David to learn, develop and train to be a QS.

“It will be difficult for him to juggle his responsibilities at Soben and at university but what he will end up with will stand him in great stead.

“The Soben Academy has the will to train and support the Quantity Surveyors of the future.”

Soben Chairman Paul Moultrie said: “We are delighted to have David on board – during the last academic year, he has shown commitment and a dedicated work ethic to all the tasks placed before him.

“He forms part of an exciting young team who are part of the Soben ethos to be world-class.”

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