Embodied Carbon: ICMS Explained

9th November 2022

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Callum Agnew, Director of Soben APAC, will feature in an embodied carbon webinar on Tuesday 15 November.


Organised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the following global and regional experts will speak about the recently released ICMS Explained guide and how ICMS and the Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment Guide are improving sustainability outcomes across APAC and the globe.


Alan Muse, Global Director of Built Environment, RICS

Callum Agnew, Director – APAC, Soben

Tom Dean, Director of Carbon Planning, Slattery

Barry Lynch, Director, V-Quest

Sobha Rani, Founder and Managing Director, Estareal Solutions India

Gavin Steele, Director of Infrastructure Asia, Turner, and Townsend.


The webinar is free to air and starts at 1600 Singapore time (0800 GMT). Guarantee your place at the webinar here.