Living our Brand Values

24th February 2022

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Bringing brand values to life plays such a significant role in creating a strong company culture. Those organisations that have a good understanding of ‘who we are’ and ‘how we go about our business’ consistently see increased levels of performance and productivity from their people whch helps attract the best talent. 

There are many new faces at Soben, myself included, and it’s so refreshing to be part of a company that not only wants to grow but grow their people on its journey. Although we’re a global company with people located across the world, there’s a real sense of a close-knit community which reminds me of my days when I was a firefighter. 

Effective communication, teamwork, integrity, patience, and generally looking out for one another were all standard features in the fire service as we worked in some dangerous and dynamic environments. It really was like having an extended family that you could rely on and reach out to. 

Most of us can probably relate to that feeling in the pit of your stomach when the weekend is almost over and the growing sense of dread at the thought of returning to the office on Monday morning! Life at Soben doesn’t feel like that to me, and I actually look forward to switching my laptop back on and starting the new working week.  

As you all know, we have successfully launched our new brand identity this week and a key part of the message we wanted to create was to have strong brand values that reflected our people and the growth journey we’ve embarked.  

The spirit of Soben’s purpose is also captured in these brand values. They define how we act as a business, the stories we tell, the projects we choose to develop or dispense with, and how we talk to our clients, prospects, suppliers, and each other. 

This is underpinned by a skilled and experienced senior management team (SMT) along with the recruitment and retention of the best people to help realise our long-term vision. Our new brand values and their meanings are below: 

Honest – we will be transparent and trustworthy in our dealings with clients, stakeholders, and suppliers. Honesty and integrity underpin everything we do, ensuring we hold ourselves accountable and stand up for what’s right. 

Brave – we are pioneers at our core, constantly seeking to learn and discover. Our bravery underpins our selectivity, choosing to only work on projects that fit with our purpose and values. 

Dynamic – our dynamism ensures that we move quickly and assuredly in response to the specific needs of each project. Our ability to respond to clients’ requirements quickly is reinforced by the standards we uphold, and the depth of experience we bring to every project. 

Inclusive – we are a diverse community, drawn together by an overriding passion for serving humanity by creating progressive built environments, using our collective skills and experience to protect natural resources and help shape a more sustainable future for everyone. 

Our brand values are more than just words, and we have a wonderful opportunity to work together and create something special for Soben and our people. It’s no surprise that people who like coming to work, will produce better work, and will also go above and beyond of what is expected of them. Let’s shape the future with integrity.

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level and join an ambitious global company that’s growing exponentially, you’re in the right place! Click here to view our latest vacancies or send your up-to-date CV to [email protected].

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