On-site Experience for Soben Academy Students

27th March 2019

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A group of Soben Academy students were recently given the opportunity to visit a working site by Soben client, Multiplex.

The visit, which took place earlier this month, allowed our Soben Academy students; two trainee surveyors and one postgraduate surveyor, to gain real-time experience on a busy site environment.

Some of Multiplex’s senior staff took the time to meet with the students, showing them around the site whilst answering their questions.

Soben Chairman, Paul Moultrie, commented; “Opportunities like these are crucial for our Soben Academy students.  By giving them access to real life scenarios on working sites, we are showing them the impact their role will have in the future.

“We strongly believe in supporting the next generation of Quantity Surveyors by investing time, energy and passion to give our team the best training opportunities available, allowing their experience to develop across a wide range of industry sectors.

“It is vitally important that our industry works hard to encourage and educate the young people who will be the future of our profession.”