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Senior Team Spotlight – Andrew Murie, CEO, Soben APAC

8th February 2022

Andrew Murie was recently announced as CEO Soben APAC and heads up the newly launched Soben APAC office in Singapore.  Here we catch up with Andrew on a typical day in his new role, and his future aspirations for Soben in Asia-Pacific.

What does a typical day look like for you?

The amazing thing about my job is the variety it brings. No two days are the same, and depends on where we are with client needs, planning, and ensuring we are ready for the challenge of the day/week/month/year in hand. From meetings with clients, to preparing reports and looking ahead. The region is vast, with wide range of geography, culture, and language, which means we must be flexible.

Away from work, keeping active through sport keeps me healthy and focussed, although the snowboarding is on hold due to the difference in weather conditions between Scotland and Singapore, so will be sticking to running, gym and boot camp. I will miss playing football with friends on a Monday evening though.

What first attracted you to the construction industry?

My father and uncle were involved in the construction industry, so I suppose they influenced me at an early age. Then, when researching options after high school, I found the quantity surveying degree provided such a wide and varied programme from law to commercial and even environmental issues. This provided me with a wide skillset and would recommend to anyone who wants to further their career.

What are your predictions for the construction industry over the next 12-18 months?

In APAC, like many regions, there is growth in many sectors. Infrastructure and energy provision to support the climate/environmental agendas, coupled with the continuing switch to the digital world mean these sectors are seeing exponential growth. A big drive towards net carbon and data storage provision will also see continued growth here.

Also, we will continue to see alternative ‘clean’ energy provision throughout the world, with new build nuclear continuing to be promoted.

What are your goals for Soben in that time?

To continue to provide our clients with value, and grow our business by being recognised as best in class. To be the consultant of choice for clients and potential clients and to provide our people with an environment which allows them to flourish and grow. We want to challenge and change the status quo and continue to disrupt the markets for the good of the industry.

When we get all the above right, then we continue to grow. It is important however we do not lose our passion and commitment when scaling, and myself and the team will ensure our people are respected, committed, and high performing.

What have been your defining career moments?

There have been many, but that comes from years on the clock, aka experience! Some highlights include working with likeminded colleagues and clients in Australia to overcome the challenges of a major oil & gas project in the Queensland outback, which involved having to find new ways of working, mitigate risk and maximising opportunities. The project was first of a kind for us, and the learning from it was invaluable. The project reached a successful outcome for both my then employer and our client which is always the goal. Mutual success is essential for sustainable business.

Transitioning to operational and business leadership in the offshore environment and being handed accountability for the offshore business unit with responsibility for over 1200 people was another career defining moment. Keeping them healthy, safe, motivated, risk aware, and ensuring understanding and delivery of the client’s requirements were key priorities. Having full accountability for this allowed the application of all skills learned in the past (both professional and life skills) and gave me a different perspective on leadership and the how the effective interaction of every component is essential for success.

What career advice would you give your younger self?

Never be afraid to try something different. Opportunities are all around, and if you really want one then it’s there for the taking. Challenge and change. Listen and learn, but always try to take what you get and make it better. Be respectful to all when you go about your business no matter who you are dealing with. Never say never and find a way.

To find out more about Soben APAC get in touch with Andrew at [email protected]


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