Soben and IES join forces to revolutionise approach to energy management

28th June 2023

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Climate tech company, IES and global construction consultancy, Soben, have announced an exclusive partnership, adding Soben’s market-leading cost data to IES’ net zero roadmap solution.  

IES, a leading provider of climate tech solutions to the built environment, and global construction consultancy Soben, have announced a strategic partnership. The agreement will enable Soben’s accurate and up-to-date cost data to be incorporated IES’ digital twin technology.

As the built environment faces increasing pressure to prioritise decarbonisation, Soben and IES have developed technology that helps guide the journey to net-zero – making it more financially feasible. Clients will have access to a tool that drives decarbonisation and optimises the profitability of their assets.

Soben at Reset Connect 2023
Members of the Soben Sustainability team during London Climate Action Week 2023

Signing the partnership at London Climate Action Week, representatives from Soben and IES recognised the increasing pressure on businesses to prioritise sustainability.


“Our partnership with IES marks a significant milestone in our shared mission to make sustainability affordable,” said Pieter Schaap, Director at Soben. “We believe that sustainability should not be pursued blindly, but rather approached intelligently to ensure maximum impact with every investment made. By harnessing the power of our joint offering, we empower clients to embrace sustainability as a strategic advantage while achieving meaningful cost savings.” 


The collaboration helps organisations roadmap significant energy, carbon, capital, and operational savings, while simultaneously considering resource use, transport, social, and economic factors. Using a live Digital Twin that replicates real-world behaviour, the joint offering provides clients with data-driven insights crucial for making informed decisions and accelerating the journey towards net-zero carbon emissions.

The joint offering capitalises on the unique strengths of Soben and IES. Soben brings its expertise in commercial and cost analysis and vast bank of cost data to ensure the affordability and financial viability of sustainability initiatives. IES contributes its cutting-edge technical engine, enabling the creation of a Digital Twin that accurately models and simulates real-world assets. Together, they offer a granular view on investment opportunities for decarbonising assets, demonstrating return on investment for each decarbonisation aspect.

The collaboration between Soben and IES is set to revolutionise the way organisations approach sustainability and energy management. Together, they are poised to provide an unparalleled advantage in navigating the complex landscape of decarbonisation and driving positive change.
On the partnership Don McLean, IES Founder and CEO said:

“Decarbonisation is high on everyone’s agenda as ambitious net zero targets loom, but achieving this will be no easy feat. IES’s digital twin technology aids clients by setting out a clear path to net zero and, when combined with up-to-date cost data, organisations can ensure they are also optimising asset profitability too. “The clock is ticking for the built environment to catch up with decarbonisation targets, and we are immensely pleased that Soben will be joining us in our efforts to help futureproof the nation’s build stock.”


Making Sustainability Affordable with Digital Twins

IES and Soben had an exclusive webinar where attendees learnt how digital twins can help you create an affordable roadmap to net zero.


Discover the power of digital twin technology in driving cost-effective decarbonisation: 

About Soben

Soben offers something different – a combination of the best consultancy practices, with hands-on commercial experience delivering major construction projects. Founder Scott Smyth started in private practice, before moving to work for contractors as a commercial manager. Scott found that he struggled to identify organisations to support him that understood the commercial reality of being a major contractor working on high-risk projects with low-profit margins.

As a result, Scott founded Soben. Since 2011, we’ve been supporting some of the world’s leading organisations, increasing certainty for their construction investments through cost, project, programme, and risk management consultancy – proudly shaping the future with integrity.

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About IES

Over the last 25+ years, IES has built a solid reputation as the leading global innovator in integrated performance-based analysis for the built environment. Its Digital Twin technology facilitates the creation of resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments of any size or purpose – supporting citizens, companies, campuses, communities, cities and even countries.

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