Soben Launches NRM CPD Sessions

8th November 2018

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Soben is at the forefront of producing detailed bills of quantities (BQs) for our main contractor clients, making us the leading contractor-centric consultancy in the UK.

The Soben team has prepared BQs using various measurement rules, with our clients generally favouring SMM7 (Standard Method of Measurement 7).

With the industry moving towards universal adoption of NRM (New Rules of Measurement), in an effort to share our experience and to respond to client feedback, we recently launched a one hour NRM CPD Session on the key changes and commercial considerations to be understood between SMM7 and NRM.

The NRM CPD Session is suitable for all construction professionals with specific benefits for those involved in estimating and surveying both pre and post contract.

Having prepared bills of quantities for over £2 billion pounds of construction work over the past two years we are the experts in our field.  We firmly believe that BQs are key in ensuring our clients can confidently enter into contract with clients and supply chain, safe in the knowledge that their quantities are accurate and scope is clearly defined.

We have already delivered this CPD event for clients across the country, and would be delighted to engage with other clients who are interested. We will deliver the CPD at your office free of charge with lunch included.

If you would like to hear more about our NRM CPD Session or to book a session for your business, please contact Soben Director Andrew Gallacher at [email protected]