Soben Operational Team Profile – Leonard Lee

19th October 2022

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Our next operational team profile features Leonard Lee, PMP, who is a Senior Project Controls Manager for our APAC team.


Before joining Soben six months ago, Leonard worked across various hyperscale data centre sites across the APAC region, plying his trade within the owner, developer, and consultancy environment. Before working on data centres, Leonard was involved in the water, oil & gas, and metro rail sectors.


Kevin kindly shares with us an insight into his daily working life at Soben and what his role involves.


Tell us about your role at Soben


My primary role is to assist clients in establishing project governance, defining metrics for validating costs and scheduling impacts on the projects. This activity provides more precise direction for project stakeholders on decision-making procedures.


In one instance, we help our clients create dashboards for their portfolio management instead of typical reports by utilising digital transformation. We achieve this by standardising the project reporting from multiple regions so that the underlying Power BI services can regularly pick up and refresh the dashboard.


I also assist in providing cost and programme due diligence support during the feasibility studies stage as part of the client’s site development plans.


What does a typical working day look like for you?


I start the day off on my typical working day by checking my emails. This way, I can reply to clients and get everything organised early in the day. I then look at my to-do list and work on the projects that are my top priority.


I find that I am mostly clear-headed in the morning and able to troubleshoot issues for our clients. After lunch, I start to work on the more analytical aspects of my job, pouring over data and analysing reports.


What do you enjoy most about being part of the Soben family?


I enjoy my autonomy because my management team allows me to innovate and provide solutions for different clients. I also love the people that I work with – they are my extended family.


What are your career goals over the next 12-18 months?


I will continue to focus on assisting our clients on their digital transformation journey by using the latest technology and appropriate tools to monitor and control the performance of their projects.


How do you unwind from a busy week at work?


I enjoy reading books and magazines and like to catch up on world affairs.


What career advice would you give your younger self?


Keep learning new skills and other disciplines regardless of how busy you are, how old you are, or how difficult other jobs may appear. Learning should be a regular feature of your life that never stops.


We’re hiring


If you would like a new challenge or a switch of careers, we have lots of exciting vacancies across the globe. Please click here to check out our current opportunities, or send an up-to-date CV to [email protected].


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