Soben Operational Team Profiles – Ernesto Ramirez

20th September 2022

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Our next operational team profile features Ernesto Ramirez, who is a Construction Project Manager based in Mexico. Ernesto gives an insight into his daily working life at Soben and what his role involves.


Tell us about your role at Soben:


Currently, my core responsibility as a Construction Project Manager is to support our main customer program manager with the construction process of their data centres in LATAM. I deal with the RFP processes, general contractor and subcontractor coordination, environment, health and safety matters, quality, risk control, change management, RFIs, etc.


What does a typical day look like for you? 


I always start my day by being thankful for my health, my family’s health, and my job. I enjoy breakfast with my wife and daughter before driving her to school. After that, I return to get ready for work in my home office, usually one hour before my starting time.


At this point, I have enough time to review all my pending tasks, prioritise them accordingly, and get them organised with my scheduled meetings. So, like a fisherman, I get ready with all my tools, such as my boat, nets, bait, rod, etc., before starting the fishing trip into the sea.


What do you enjoy most about being part of the Soben family?


I enjoy working for a global company that is focused on quality, results, and customer satisfaction whilst also allowing me to work in a very flexible and trusting environment. Soben always takes care of its people to ensure there is a great work and personal life balance.


What are your career goals over the next 12-18 months? 


I aim to contribute to Soben’s continued expansion and commercial strategies in LATAM. I will achieve this by using my personal experience and local knowledge of the industry and its leading players. I look forward to expanding and finding business opportunities to maintain Soben’s name as a definitive reference leader within the regional sector, complementing its global presence.


How do you unwind from a busy week at work?


I enjoy being outdoors with my family, especially at the beach, whenever possible. I also like to do some fishing and biking in my spare time.


What career advice would you give your younger self?


I would suggest being more focused on financial and commercial strategies. This would have prepared me to make professional decisions from these technical angles, ensuring a more productive and efficient contribution to my endeavours. Additionally, I would suggest reinforcing skills in communication and negotiation as a key part of my professional tool kit.


What path would your career have taken if you were not in construction? 


I think I would be in an operation and maintenance role in the IT or telecoms industry or as an implementation project manager. These have been my two core skill sets over the last few years. These result from years of participation in various responsibilities and interactions with internal and external customers, partners, and providers in many different projects.



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