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Trusted to support major construction companies across the globe, Soben is the industry’s leading and most respected provider of accurate bills of quantities which are effectively delivered by a large team of highly qualified professionals.

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We have heavily invested in the latest bills of quantities and BIM technology to enable us to provide the most precise and efficient service to our clients. This technology provides full transparency and interactivity between quantities and drawings within a single integrated platform and allows the interrogation of BIM models. 

The resulting fully interactive BOQs are ‘live-linked’ to marked-up drawings providing transparency, cost certainty, and clearer risk profiles from estimate through to final account. 

Soben System™

Thanks to our trusted Soben SystemTM, we can mitigate risk of future change and identify future opportunities, provide full transparency and understanding to your project, and perform bulk quantity checks against historic data to identify value engineering opportunities.


By delivering the most accurate bills of quantities possible, our clients are more likely to be profitable, deliver on time, reduce waste, and experience fewer disputes between client and contractor or contractor and supplier. Our BOQs also play a unique role in the design process and is influential in reducing embodied carbon within a building.

Bills of Quantities Contacts


Andrew Gallacher 
Managing Director EMEA Specialist Services
[email protected] 


Joe Cusick 
CEO, Americas
[email protected] 


Andrew Gallacher 
Managing Director EMEA Specialist Services
[email protected] 

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