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Soben’s Carbon Cost Management service is designed to help organisations achieve net zero carbon affordably and sustainably. We combine industry-leading carbon insights with experienced cost management to go beyond carbon accounting and provide practical carbon cost management advice. With a greater level of granularity than the basic carbon calculators on the market, Soben provides precise and transparent embodied carbon calculations. Our accurate baselines and actionable strategies will reduce your carbon footprint, demonstrating the impact of carbon savings

Carbon Cost Management

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Embodied Carbon

Responsible for over a third of global energy-related CO2 emissions, the construction industry still has significant responsibility towards meeting global net-zero goals. Progress has been made in reducing operational carbon emissions, but a lack of consistent benchmarking and reporting have slowed progress around embodied carbon. Sustainability clauses, and performance-related incentivisation to encourage green working practices are becoming more common. But the carbon tools on the market do not provide enough granularity for contractors to conduct meaningful benchmarking and demonstrate net zero improvements. 

True Cost

We help you optimise for sustainability using your existing cost plans, without making major financial sacrifices. Others offer a basic calculation. Soben goes a step further, offering the experience and insight to understand how to make informed decisions as an integrated part of the cost planning process. We give you full transparency behind your carbon calculations – something you won’t find anywhere else.  

Emissions Calculation and Carbon Accounting

The granular detail in our Bills of Quantities provides the most accurate information in the marketplace. Our carbon assessment teams use this to deliver a true baseline embodied carbon calculation. We leave no stone unturned. We aim for precision, avoiding assumptions to create a sound basis for assessment.  

Lifecycle Carbon Assessments

 From concept to construction, and beyond, Soben combines expert sustainability insights, with experienced cost consultancy to provide practical carbon cost management advice. Our expert team will deliver a detailed report about the embodied and operational carbon generated through the lifespan of the building asset – and how to reduce it.

Strategic Advice and Change Management

Once we’ve provided a baseline calculation of your carbon footprint, we will help you understand the detail behind it so you can make informed decisions. Armed with granular data around the cost of embodied carbon in your assets you can make accurate budget and sustainability decisions to inform your net zero roadmap.  

Net Zero Roadmap

Soben is uniquely placed to help organisations gain an accurate whole lifecycle view of their carbon footprint. For over a decade, our sustainability experts have been delivering detailed Bills of Quantities using The Soben System. With this understanding of the full lifecycle costs of your built assets, we identify greener alternatives – building carbon considerations into cost plans to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your project and the cost of carbon offsetting.

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