Carbon Cost Management

Combining industry-leading carbon insights with experienced cost management, we provide practical carbon cost management advice that helps our clients map an affordable roadmap to net zero.

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UK & Europe
UK & Europe
Andrew Gallacher Senior Director - EMEA [email protected] +44 7988 634 264
Joe Cusick CEO – Americas [email protected] +1 973 9604105
Kevin Carr Managing Director – Australia [email protected] +61 434 088 423

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Soben’s Carbon Cost Management service is designed to help organisations achieve net zero carbon affordably and sustainably. We combine industry-leading carbon insights with experienced cost management to go beyond carbon accounting and provide practical carbon cost management advice. With a greater level of granularity than the basic carbon calculators on the market, understand the true cost of embodied carbon. And map an affordable roadmap to net zero with cutting edge digital twin technology.

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Emissions calculation and carbon accounting

The granular detail in our Bills of Quantities provides the most accurate information in the marketplace. Our carbon assessment teams use this to deliver a true baseline embodied carbon calculation. We leave no stone unturned. We aim for precision, avoiding assumptions to create a sound basis for assessment.

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Lifecycle carbon assessments

From concept to construction, and beyond, Soben combines expert sustainability insights, with experienced cost consultancy to provide practical carbon cost management advice. Our expert team will deliver a detailed report about the embodied and operational carbon generated through the lifespan of the building asset – and how to reduce it.

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Digital twins: affordable sustainability roadmaps

Working with our partners, IES, we produce cutting-edge digital twins that accurately model real-world assets. Combined with Soben’s expertise in commercial and cost analysis and our vast bank of cost data, we simulate and accurately cost sustainability measures to ensure affordability and financial viability of sustainability initiatives.

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