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Our cost and commercial management services help clients from the early design phase all the way through to operation and beyond. We’re always proactive, getting ahead of the project and giving our clients the comfort and assurance that their project will be delivered within on or under budget.  

Cost and Commercial Management

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Our experienced cost and commercial management teams work closely with clients and develop strong working relationships. By utilising The Soben System™, detailed cost estimates are created for our client’s projects to provide predictability and security on their investment to ensure outcomes are maximised.

Value Engineering

Value engineering helps to maximise value for money within a project, simply from start to finish. Our value engineering service ensures that maximum perceived value is achieved across all projects.  The Soben team works closely to examine every aspect of a client’s project to analyse and ensure best value per pound spent is achieved. 

Function & Performance

It’s worth noting that value engineering is not a cost-cutting exercise but provides a means of removing any aspect of a project that adds cost without contributing to the function or performance. Examples of this include materials, suppliers, processes, over-specification, or the timing of the different phases within a project.

Our Approach

The Soben approach to value engineering is not a one-off process but continues throughout the duration of our involvement of a project.

Procurement & Procurement Strategy

We believe procurement is one of the single highest value opportunities in the life cycle of a project, we help clients develop the most appropriate procurement strategy, recognising that each project is has its unique and individual features.

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The Soben System™

Using The Soben System™, our team works to understand the unique drivers and priorities of each project, creating a strategy that supports our clients in making an informed decision on the best procurement route for their project ensuring best value.


Once a strategy is determined, we work with the client to develop a robust, data driven procurement process that is transparent and encourages competition.  This allows our clients to enhance value and get the best possible partner for their needs. 


We offer something different to the consultancy marketplace by ensuring our clients achieve a return on investment against the fee paid to us by utilising the Soben SystemTM to facilitate full transparency.

Global Contacts


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CEO, Americas
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Managing Director EMEA Consultancy
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Kevin Carr
Managing Director – Australia

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