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When an organisation is working on a series of closely linked projects – a strategic, calculated, and methodical approach is required to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. Construction projects in the built and natural environment are becoming more complex. This brings an increase in risk and additional challenges, so all angles must be covered through effective programme management.

Program Management

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Enhancing Results

Program management involves managing the risks and making investments work harder to go further and enhance our client’s financial results. Our commitment is, and always will be, to support our clients by providing high-quality professional services to help them successfully deliver their projects.

Talented Team

Our talented teams of project managers work closely with clients in many different industries across the globe which enables effective and robust program management for large complex projects throughout the whole building lifecycle.

Adding Value

From creating the initial business case, devising procurement strategies, developing the design management, and finally managing the construction phase. We think about every possibility to add value and ultimately deliver on all project goals. Our program management track record is exemplary thanks to the efficacy of The Soben SystemTM.

Tailored to Fit

We also offer PMO (project management office) services to support programme and project delivery. Our PMO’s are tailored to fit our client’s objectives but come with full visibility and transparency of performance using key data to make sure full control is achieved as well as being consistent and efficient in our approach.

Programme Management Contacts


Derek McFarlane
Managing Director EMEA Consultancy
[email protected]


Joe Cusick 
CEO, Americas
[email protected] 


Andrew Gallacher 
Managing Director EMEA Specialist Services
[email protected] 


Kevin Carr
Managing Director – Australia
[email protected] 

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