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Whatever construction projects you are planning to drive your organisation on to greater heights, our highly experienced team of project management professionals are readily available to assist you to take your ambitious plans from initial concept all the way through to completion.

Project Management

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Specialist Project Management

Soben’s specialist project management service sets optimum levels of control and delivery to help realise budget and programme goals for individual projects no matter how complex. We work in close collaboration with our clients throughout the different phases of a construction project and provide innovative and progressive solutions which minimises risk and maximises the return on their investment.


As the construction industry slowly responds to the increased needs of modular & prefabricated construction, Soben is working with data center clients around the world to help “productize” their data center components so they can scale faster and respond quicker to the ever-changing requirements. 

Change Management

We help you put your change plans into action so you can seize new opportunities and stay competitive. By helping your people embrace new ways of doing things, we make sure you achieve change that lasts.

Managing Change

Once a contract has been identified and signed, Soben support our clients to manage and negotiate changes to the project and minimise disruption to the project as a whole.  

The best method for managing change is to be proactive, encouraging free flowing information between the project team helps us limit impacts to cost, schedule, and quality. Finding out about changes early allows us to proactively ensure projects are delivered in an acceptable timescale and budget by mitigating and reducing impacts. 

Contract Administration

In the construction industry, the contract administrator is the individual responsible for administering the construction standard contracts. The contract administrator could be the project architect, but could also be the lead consultant, the cost consultant, a specialist consultant, a client representative or employer’s agent, the project manager or an engineer.

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Execute The Contract

On a construction management contract, the role of contract administrator might be attributed to the construction manager, and on management contracts the management contractor will perform the role of contract administrator.

Our contract administration professionals are here to ensure that all aspects of the contract are understood and fulfilled.  Our teams work closely with clients to manage, negotiate, support, and execute the contract process, and to protect our clients and other parties to the contract creating clarity for all involved. 

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