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As countries, cities and companies set their decarbonisation strategies, it is no longer enough to look at financial costs when planning projects and programmes. Carbon cost must be taken into consideration too. Progress has been made around operational carbon emissions. Now embodied carbon is coming under the spotlight.

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Carbon reduction goals are already being written into contracts in some countries. The next step will be for tenders to be assessed on their carbon costs as well as their capital costs. Governments, businesses and investors are introducing carbon pricing, whether government taxes, offsetting or internal carbon pricing mechanisms.

Carbon-saving technologies

With some carbon-saving technologies or products coming at a significant premium to standard ones, investing in more carbon savings becomes unviable at some point, depending on the cost of carbon. It is important to have robust carbon data, in order to know where that point is and take well-informed decisions.


From concept to construction, we integrate industry-leading carbon management principles within design and procurement processes to go beyond carbon accounting and provide practical carbon/cost consultancy.

Bills of Quantities

The granular detail in our BQ provide the most accurate information in the marketplace to enable our carbon assessment teams to deliver base line embodied carbon calculation to submit with your tender.

Change Management

Cost and client budgets are key to project success, as is the measurement and cost of embodied carbon through the Value Engineering programme (VE). Armed with this information, the client can make the correct budget and sustainability decisions.

Whole Life Carbon Assessment

Our expert team will deliver a detailed report with your tender about the embodied and operational carbon generated through the life span of the building asset.

Granular Approach

Soben’s carbon cost management service builds on our granular approach to delivering bills of quantities. In short, because we understand the detail of how buildings and structures go together, we can be more accurate in our carbon calculations. Generic estimates can be misleading because they incorporate a high number of assumptions which can lead to significantly different answers.

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