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What does success look like?

The answer from a data center developer would be very different to that from a residential one. The Soben System™ recognises this and tailors our approach to deliver outcomes that match the goals and values of each project and organisation we work for.

The Soben System™

Seven Step System

To help our customers deliver projects more efficiently, using fewer resources and with lower carbon footprints, we must be prepared to do things differently. That requires an open mindset and an open approach to the way we share information and do business. Without trust, change is difficult.

Avoiding Problems

For instance, higher-than-expected tender prices could flag up unidentified risk – we can find that risk and suggest ways to mitigate it. Gaps at interfaces between packages are another high-risk area – by interrogating the design, we can identify possible problems early, avoiding problems down the line. Assessing the impact of proposed changes is important too, understanding the programme and cost implications before decisions are taken.

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Aligning With Your Goals

We set key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLA) that are specific to each customer and project, to align with their goals. And every quarter, we assess the cost and programme savings that have been made against the fee we are receiving to assess the return on investment (ROI) we are delivering. We aim for a ROI of ten, it sometimes can be significantly higher.

Tailored to Fit

We also offer PMO (project management office) services to support programme and project delivery. Our PMO’s are tailored to fit our client’s objectives but come with full visibility and transparency of performance using key data to make sure full control is achieved as well as being consistent and efficient in our approach.

A global presence

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