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Alan Prenty

13th September 2017


What is your role?

Senior QS, overseeing work done by junior staff. I am responsible for quality assurance checks of all work done in preparation for submission to clients as well as mentoring and guiding undergraduates.

What is it like working for Soben Contract & Commercial?

Great. Challenging. Intense. Enjoyable. Life at Soben is a positive experience on so many levels.

What projects have you worked on for Soben?

Thus far, Mill Green outlet village in Cannock, Staffordshire. It’s a discount retail mall similar in concept to McArthur Glen in Livingston but open air and largely on one level like Glasgow Fort but more ornate in architectural style. There are a number of other projects coming up that I am looking forward to immensely.

What is your favourite project and why?

Mill Green – it’s one of these projects that has a mix of interesting aspects.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still here – leading a team twice the size.

What keeps you sane at work?

The ability not to panic and take a step back to assess the situation.

 What hobbies do you have?

Music, occasional golf.

Favourite colour?

Needs to be bright and clear, since I am colour blind – daffodil yellow.

Favourite holiday destination?

North Antrim coast.

Favourite film?