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Offering Insight

Soben’s senior management team has extensive industry experience, delivering projects for both clients and contractors. Time spent on construction projects means that they can offer insight beyond cost per square metre to understand the impacts of specifications, constructability and supply chain issues. And because Soben has a flat management structure, our senior leaders are always at hand to provide their tested advice and support.

Walking the Walk


Soben people understand what clients expect, but they also know how things are constructed, what the associated risks are, and how projects should be packaged up and procured. They can spot where there are gaps in the design, where there is unnecessary cost or where re-sequencing could save time and money.

Mitigating Risk

Fundamental to the success of any project is the allocation of risk. Get that wrong, and the cost and programme ultimately suffer. Proactive risk management requires an understanding and knowledge of the goals and constraints that all parties have at each stage of a project. Mitigating those risks requires open communication and a culture that allows information to be freely shared.

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Problem Solving

Delivering projects on time and on budget takes more than monitoring and data analysis – although getting that right is, of course, important. At Soben, we employ people who are problem solvers, who are good at bringing people together to find the best solution for the project, and have the confidence and competence to challenge designs, specifications and sequencing.

A global presence

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